Thursday, September 6, 2018

Remember 9/11

"Reflecting on this September 11th,
Patriot Day and National Day of Service
it is my mission that God has given me to Never Forget and to remind those who might. This is one of many tragedies that has happened to this great country that could have been prevented.

As a Christian led by the Holy Spirit, there are those trying to destroy this great country with violence and hate through lies. In the spiritual world, it’s not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about our Heavenly Father and it is Satan that is dividing this great country.

Pray about this and let the Holy Spirit guide you. Our Heavenly Father is trying to give you back this great country.

This is what he did for his people in the Old Testament -
2 Chronicles 7:14
How much more will he do for us since we have Christ in our hearts and believe in him.
— Your Christian Brother in Christ, Richard Lopez